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Cashboard is small business software that runs in the cloud - so it's always in sync.

This means your employees and clients can access the system to track time, manage tasks, or pay invoices wherever they are.

Cashboard runs on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android

Cashboard runs in any modern web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE 9+), and on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Data is always in sync between any client that accesses the app. For instance, this means you can start a timer on your computer, then stop it on your phone.

With Cashboard, all of your data is stored on our servers, encrypted, and backed up. We have a 99%+ uptime rating, which you can verify here.

Our system tames your paperwork chaos

Are you using a spreadsheet to track your billable time, storing invoice documents in some archaic folder structure, or managing your project tasks on scraps of paper?

We have a better method to keep you organized. Cashboard ties all of your business processes together, letting you stay on top of everything - from which clients have accepted your proposals, to who hasn't paid you yet.

Cashboard was designed from the ground up to solve your organization problems. We're experts at being more productive, and we can help you do the same.

Powerful but never complicated

Many competing products claim to be simple to use … what most really mean is they have simple capabilities.

The problem with these "easy" solutions is that you quickly grow out of the weak capabilities they offer - and then you’re stuck with 'em.

We take a different approach, opting to give you maximum flexibility and power while still being easy to use for your staff and clients.

It only takes a couple minutes to learn Cashboard, but your business will never grow out of it.

Check out our Getting Started guide.

Work the way you want

Our tools work great alone, and even better together.

Cashboard supports multiple workflows - even yours!

We keep things flexible so you can work how you’re comfortable. Cashboard supports multiple workflows, but doesn’t force you into any one in particular.

See all the ways you can use Cashboard.

More value for your dollar

We recognize there are many software packages competing for your hard earned dollar. You might even be a customer of a few.

Maybe you’re managing projects in one application, tracking time in another, and invoicing in a third. More than likely these services don’t share data in any meaningful way, leaving you to piece together your business like a complicated puzzle.

Cashboard offers a full solution for managing your entire business, at one low monthly price.

We only charge you for use of the system, unlike “bucket pricing” used by other SaaS providers. This adds up to a huge savings over time.

Learn what our PREMIUM service offers.

Made by people who've been in your shoes

In December 2006 we went looking for a business solution that handled the full workflow of a service oriented business, from sending formal proposals to invoicing.

All of the solutions we found were poorly designed and didn’t do enough. It was obvious the companies running them were simply out to make a quick buck, not really interested in solving the problem we had.

Cashboard is the tool we designed to remedy that situation. It works for our software consultancy and we think it’ll work for you too. We launched Cashboard in Spring of 2007 after many sleepless nights of hard work. It was the first solution to combine estimates, invoices, time tracking, and online payments into one tool.

Cashboard has grown from an idea dreampt in a Silicon Valley bedroom to a product used by thousands of businesses around the world. We’re self funded, profitable, and in it for the long haul.

We take pride in our product, and approach every detail with a craftsmanship not found in other services. It’s important to us to help you solve your organization and billing problems because we’ve had the same issues.

Despite our success, we’re not a huge corporation that’s out of touch with the problems you’re facing. We’re a small business that knows the pain of being disorganized and working inefficiently.

Who uses Cashboard today?

  • Graphic Designers
  • Software Developers
  • Architects
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Lawyers
  • Interior Designers
  • Construction Firms
  • Video Production Houses
  • ...and many more

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Designed for freelancers & medium sized organizations.
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