Testimonials from happy Cashboard customers

Kristin Bowen - Doghouse Pet Portraits

Like many artists, numbers and bookkeeping are not my strong suits.

In the past, in order to try and keep track of my growing client list, I recruited friends to help me create Excel documents and had folders bursting with paperwork. Excel and individual client folders were my (somewhat unsuccessful) way of trying to keep my orders organized along with staying on top of how much money clients still owed. And, of course, I also had that shoebox overflowing with receipts acting as my business expense filing system.

A couple years ago a friend recommended looking into Cashboard after listening to me talk about my constant stress of my chaotic office management.

Discovering Cashboard has literally saved me hours of work each week. After spending just a small amount of time learning its features, I now rely on Cashboard to send my clients estimates and contracts and I’m able to easily manage deposits and final payments. I also enter all of my expenses and keep track of my monthly income along with all my profits and losses.

Someone once told me that as a self employed artist, you have to be a business owner first and an artist second.
Having a program like Cashboard allows me to manage the business side with minimal time and effort.
Now I’m able to spend more of my work day doing what I enjoy.

Matthew Jurmann

Matthew Jurmann, Professional Web Design

Cashboard offers better usability than any other web-based invoicing application available (we would know, we've tried almost all of them).

Seamless integration with Basecamp, professional, extremely customizable invoices and estimates, easy time-tracking/time-tracking Dashboard widget, and finally, the ability to integrate directly with your PayPal or Authorize.net account - what more could you ask for?

Cashboard has everything you need to manage your freelancing or small business invoicing and time-tracking needs. Do yourself a favor - stop reading this and Get Cashboard, it's a winner.

Katie Keith - Barn2 Media

As a WordPress web design agency, we have to keep track of lots of web design estimates and invoices - as well as the project management and time tracking in between.

We used to do everything manually - estimates and invoices in Word, and time tracking in Excel. Although our documents looked great, each one took us a huge amount of time. Our admin overheads were high and the process was taking us away from our core web design work and affecting our profits.

All web design projects are different and we didn't think we'd be able to find a single estimate, invoice and time tracking software package that could offer the flexibility we needed - some web design projects are fixed cost, others are billed by the hour, some require deposits, some are paid in instalments, etc.

Barn2 Media

We trialled MANY different services and struggled to find any that offered the full range of features along with the ability to customise and brand documents. Cashboard offers everything we were looking for and more.

  • We have customised our estimates and invoices to look professional and match our branding.
  • We have created re-usable templates for different types of web design project, so we don't need to write each estimate from scratch or manually copy and paste.
  • Cashboard automatically adds up the figures on our estimates and invoices, saving us time and eliminating mistakes.
  • We use Cashboard to automatically send scheduled invoices for ongoing services such as WordPress web hosting, so we don't need to remember.
  • We use Cashboard to automatically send payment reminders and add late payment fees.
  • We use Cashboard's reporting features to see how much we've made and what we're owed at a glance.
  • We use the time tracking and project management features to track our time against each web design project and monitor our progress against the budget. It also allows us to track the time we spend on non-billable tasks, so we can see how much time we're spending on marketing, meetings, etc.

Given the range of features on offer, Cashboard is very reasonably priced - especially since the monthly cost varies depending on how much you use it. The savings we have achieved by using Cashboard far outweigh its cost, especially when you consider how much it previously cost us to create all our estimates and invoices manually, chase overdue payments, etc.

The support is also excellent and Cashboard always respond to queries quickly. They really listen to us and have even made specific improvements to the software in response to our feedback.

I would recommend Cashboard to anyone looking for fully customisable, all-in-one estimate, invoice and time tracking software.

Andrew Bedford - Ginger Design

Andrew Bedford - Ginger Design

We've been a happy Cashboard customer for quite some time now. In fact, Cashboard has been with us since I founded Ginger, 3 years ago.

Since then, the business has grown from a solo freelancer to an agency working with some of the area's most exciting clients. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to attribute part of our success to Cashboard. Its basically a bookkeeper/accountant for startups.

Being able to properly track estimates, projects, invoices, as well as monitor your staff's progress on a project by project basis is crucial. Keeping your receivables in order is an important part of that oh-so-important customer experience. Thank you Cashboard!

Jeffrey McManus - Platform Associates

Platform Associates is a consulting firm specializing in the planning and development of technology platform products. Our team is distributed across the United States, so we rely on web-based tools to run our business. Cashboard is our tool of choice for time-tracking and billing.

Before Cashboard, our process was a mess. We were using a jury rigged system of email, spreadsheets and paper accounting. This was obviously challenging to scale, and I'm sure we were losing track of billable hours because we weren't very organized. Today with Cashboard we have the ability to easily track our team's hours from anywhere, and we can gain useful insight into the state of our business.

Jeffrey McManus - Platform Associates

Zach Schapel - OS Ignite
Website Design & Development

We started off as many small businesses do, using Quickbooks for accounting and manually entering in jobs, invoices, etc.

We slowly switched over to Cashboard when we were referenced by Basecamp, and now post about 95% of our jobs through Cashboard. We can easily get deposit payments before a project begins, bill for extra time, and collect on invoices with a simple set it and forget it system.

Collections on accounts receivables is always an issue in small business, with cash flow concerns, but Cashboard helped us out a lot with automated reminders and we noticed a 50% increase in payment turnaround with the email reminders system.

Zach Schapel - OS Ignite

Brad Geddes - Certified Knowledge
An AdWords Training Company

We rely on a combination of tools to run our business, and we closely evaluate how any additional product will fit seamlessly into our overall workflow. Especially important for us is integration into other services that we use.

Cashboard is by far the best invoicing system to use with Basecamp. The integration between Basecamp saves us a tremendous amount of time with our invoicing efforts every month; and it's integration with Authorize.net means we don't ever have to worry about getting paid by our clients.

I've recommended Cashboard to many companies. If you are looking for a solid integration between various systems, take a close look at this invoicing system.

Brad Geddes - Certified Knowledge

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