AppStorm gives us a glowing review

We were delighted to get a Google Alert this morning pointing us to a glowing review of Cashboard from AppStorm.

They took the time to look at all aspects of the product, and really understand what we're doing and the value we offer.

Their verdict? 9 out of 10!

Some notable quotes

Businesses are better off going with the premium plan that costs only $15/month ... That’s less than what FreshBooks costs just for invoicing or what Xero costs for accounting per month.

Cashboard can be set up to accept payments online though Stripe,, and PayPal variants ... This range of options keeps things simple for your clients. offers an incredible value for money — I have yet to come across a similar suite that costs so little to use, while offering such powerful features.

And my favorite...

Cashboard is great at all the things it does, and manages to be both flexible and easy to use...

Many thanks to the folks over at AppStorm.

PS: We'd appreciate an upvote on Reddit so we can get the word out... thanks!

Written by Seth B

Seth is equal parts designer & engineer, who's worked on the web since 1996.
He's the founder of Subimage LLC & lead designer of Cashboard.

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