Save money processing payments with Moolah

Do you have an account that's costing you too much money?
Maybe you're still using PayPal — or perhaps you've not hopped on the online payment bandwagon quite yet…

Whatever the case, this should be of interest if you're looking to start accepting online payments or trim expenses in 2015.

Introducing Moolah

Moolah offers a simple payment gateway that has no setup fee, no monthly fee, and only charges 2.89% plus $0.29 per transaction.


This is unheard of for payment processing, and competes favorably with offerings from Stripe and PayPal.

Moolah deposits money into your bank account the 2nd day after a transaction has been processed. You can use this same account to process payments online as well as in person. No more waiting for checks to clear!

Moolah is currently available in the USA and following countries…

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • UK / Europe

Save money with Moolah now

Written by Seth B

Seth is equal parts designer & engineer, who's worked on the web since 1996.
He's the founder of Subimage LLC & lead designer of Cashboard.

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