Weekly Roundup 01/18/13

Reporting updates

The reporting screen has gotten a long needed makeover…

It's a first step, but now all of Cashboard's reports are on the same screen. Easily access detailed reports like Payroll, right next to visualizations like the Invoice vs Payment graph.

We've also redesigned the Project Cost vs Profit report - which lets you know how you're performing vs your estimates. This report will let you know if you're over budget on hours or dollars.

Project Detail Report

This report shows a detailed view of how you've performed against estimates on each task.

It can be downloaded as a PDF file, which makes it great for printing and sharing with your co-workers during a review meeting. Access it from the Project Cost vs Profit report, or from your project bulletin board.

Misc Changes

Copy weekly timesheets

If you tend to work on the same tasks from week to week you'll enjoy this one. We've added a simple button that allows you to copy all tasks from your previous week's timesheet as a template to be used for the current week.

This should save you time re-adding those same tasks over and over again.

Full activity log

Finally, we've made your entire history log available from the Home > Activity Log section. This log contains all the dates that you've sent invoices to your clients, created projects, etc.

Have a great weekend!

Written by Seth B

Seth is equal parts designer & engineer, who's worked on the web since 1996.
He's the founder of Subimage LLC & lead designer of Cashboard.

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