Time Tracking Desktop Widget

Painless time tracking

Remembering how much time you spent working on something is always a pain in the ass.

Who remembers to look at the clock? We don't.

How it works

The Cashboard timer accurately keeps track of your time. Never get under-paid for the hours you've worked again.

Let the timer work for you…

Bring up the widget, press start and go do your work. The timer keeps running in the background.

When you're finished, come back to send the time directly into your Cashboard account.

…or enter time yourself

We know sometimes you need to enter time after your task is completed.

Just edit the timer area like you would any other text-entry box.

If you need other ways to enter time, Cashboard supports daily, weekly, and all-time entry.

Works with all of our account plans, even the free one.

Download Cashboard Timer 1.8.5

Requires Mac OS X 10.4+ (Leopard Compatible)

Cashboard Timer screenshot

Cashboard Timer configuration screenshot

Designed for freelancers & medium sized organizations.
No commitments or credit card required.