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Just what I've been looking for!

Since I've started using Cashboard to manage projects I've noticed it's saved me at least 5 hours of paperwork — per-week.

Now I’m able to spend more of my day doing what I enjoy, instead of fighting with confusing software.


— Kristin Bowen, Doghouse Pet Portraits

  • Friendly, helpful support staff
  • Easy, simple to understand
  • Works with your computer, phone, or tablet device

We reduce the complexity of your job…

Project management software

Project management software

Have an organization problem? Stay on track with simple, or structured to-do lists. Your whole team can collaborate.

Cashboard project management software adapts to your workflow.

Time tracking software

Employee timesheet software

Never lose a billable hour or expense again.

Cashboard time tracking software runs in the cloud. You can clock in and out with a click, or enter previous time in a weekly timesheet.

Online invoicing software

Online invoicing software

Ever forgot who owed you money? We can solve that for you.

Cashboard invoice software shows you who owes what, when it's due, and sends your clients friendly reminders.

Accept online payments

Accept online payments

Hate waiting for checks in the mail? We can help.

Cashboard lets you accept online payments from clients — which has been proven to increase payment speed by at least 50%.

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Bill & Kathryn Cherne - Design Inside

Bill & Kathryn Cherne - Design Inside

We've been using Cashboard for a few years and it's dramatically improved the way we track time and invoice our customers.

Prior to Cashboard we were using a combination of timer applications, Excel spreadsheets and Quickbooks.

Now, after meeting with a customer to discuss their interior design project, we can create a professional looking estimate and send it off to our customers within a few minutes. No messing with Word Documents or creating PDFs required.

Once we have a customer sign on, all of the designers on our team can accurately track how much time they have spent working on a project. At the end of the month, we can quickly create an invoice that includes all time tracked that month and email the invoice to the customer and accept payments using PayPal.

Without Cashboard, we'd be using 3-4 systems to complete the same tasks and the entire process would take longer and would be less accurate. Thanks Cashboard for providing such a solid product!

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